Kawasaki Mule vs Polaris Ranger – Key Difference Between These Two

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Kawasaki Mule and Polaris Ranger are two of the most popular off-road motorcycles. They both have several features that make them unique. The Kawasaki Mule has legitimated off-road capabilities that allow it to tackle tough terrain with relative ease.

It also has a tight turning radius and a low center of gravity to improve its maneuverability. Its frame, suspension, and engine components all provide optimal stability during even the toughest rides, which means you can be as aggressive as you want and remain completely safe. In this guide, we have discussed Kawasaki Mule vs Polaris Ranger and their pros and cons.

On the other hand, the Polaris Ranger is a single-cylinder vehicle with lots of torque for its size. Its engine puts out powerful performance in any situation, from urban driving to backwoods cruising with no effort on your part at all.

The Polaris Ranger also boasts a very low center of gravity for increased stability when riding through rough terrain so you can ride confidently without worrying about losing control

Are you confused about which one to go with? Let’s go deeper and help you choose the one that meets your requirements and budget.

What is a Kawasaki Mule?

Kawasaki Mule

The Kawasaki Mule is a type of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) that has been around for several decades. It is the most popular model of ATV in the U.S. and was manufactured by Kawasaki Motors Company from 1983 onward.

It is a powerful, off-road, ATV designed for and used by those who need to navigate difficult terrain. It can be used for hunting, exploring nature, or doing work in remote areas.

Its versatility and durability make it an excellent choice for a lightweight, nimble, and quick-steering ATV. The company offers four models of the mule with various features such as large tires and high ground clearance.

Kawasaki mules are popular in many countries around the world because they offer off-road capabilities and rugged design.

Best Features of the Kawasaki Mules

The eye-catching style and powerful engine are some of the best features that come with this model. It also has a protection system, giving it an edge over its competition. Some important features of the Kawasaki Mules include:

  1. It has a powerful engine that produces 120HP
  2. It has a 6-speed manual transmission
  3. It is lightweight with a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs
  4. Its 200mm front tire provides excellent grip in all conditions
  5. It includes a front disc brake, chunky tires, and fenders that protect from rain and mud.
  6. It has a unique frame design comprising of two parallel tubes that are connected by a bridge instead of conventional frames having parallel tubes at each end
  7. Overall, the construction is such that it keeps the weight low making it nimbler and easier to maneuver, especially in tight spaces

Pros & Cons of Kawasaki Mules

The Kawasaki Mules ATV is a type of four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Kawasaki Mules Pros

  • The Kawasaki Mules ATV is powered by an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine
  • For families with kids and pets, the Kawasaki Mules ATV will be perfect because it is lightweight and convenient.
  • The bigger the tires are, the smoother and easier the ride becomes for you and your children/adults.
  • Suitable for both light and heavy duty to carry the weight of up to 1000 lbs. They can handle rugged terrains, difficult terrain, and any uneven surfaces.
  • Offers a smooth riding experience with multiple gears and terrain selections.
  • high powered with a large engine displacement.
  • Kawasaki Mule has a huge storage capacity of 181 Kg of cargo
  • Offers good braking power as well as excellent traction control letting you drive in rough conditions and perform stunts with ease.

Kawasaki Mules Cons

  • Require more maintenance than other types of vehicles to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Less fuel-efficient compared to other ATVs in its segment

What is a Polaris Ranger?

Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger is an ATV that can take on all terrains with ease. It’s the ideal machine for harsh weather conditions and rugged terrains. Key features of a Polaris Ranger include 16-inch tires, All-Wheel Drive System, Reclining Seat and Bearings, and Suspension System.

It comes with two electric motors that make them lightweight, easy to maneuver, and more fuel efficient. It also has good ground clearance, suspension, and traction control for off-road riding as well as for driving on the street

Polaris Ranger is an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that has received a lot of praise from professional riders. It has been named one of the best all-terrain machines. They are very easy to use and offer a smooth riding experience.

Best Features of Polaris Ranger

Polaris Rangers are among the most reliable rifles on the market because of how they were designed and tested by experts in their field. Some important features include:

  1. The Polaris Ranger has an ergonomic design that is easy to maintain and upgrade.
  2. 16-inch tires powered by an All-Wheel Drive System
  3. Reclining Seat and Bearings
  4. Superior Suspension System
  5. It comes with two electric motors that make them lightweight, easy to maneuver, and more fuel efficient
  6. It also has good ground clearance, suspension, and traction control for off-road riding as well as for driving on the street
  7. It also has a lot of safety features that make it difficult for an accident to happen while you’re out on the trails
  8. The Polaris Ranger ATV is one of the best on the market when it comes to providing high-performance capabilities in a lightweight frame
  9. It also has features such as quick wheel lock-ups, front and rear-wheel drive, and ABS brakes
  10. Polaris also offers a lifetime warranty for the machine
  11. A few more features include integrated wiring harnesses, adjustable seat height, and easy to use dashboard navigation system

You should also read out our guide to know the weight of the Polaris Ranger.

Pros & Cons of Polaris Range

Their new Ranger model features innovative and practical features that will increase safety, control, and fun while riding. Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons of these vehicles to give you a better idea.

Polaris Ranger ATV Pros

  • Has a good suspension system, providing a smooth ride and keeping riders safe when they’re off-road.
  • Has many innovative design features, including chainless sprocket designs, automatic chain lubrication, and rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Equipped with multiple types of safety systems to help keep riders safe on the off-road trails during their adventures.
  • Stable off-road utility vehicle that can carry passengers
  • Polaris Rangers have a pretty incredible gas mileage, capable of carrying itself up to 60 miles on one tank of gas
  • The design is intended to be futuristic, with a sleek body, LED headlights, and the ability to change colors
  • Has a large ground clearance, off-road tires, and rugged suspension
  • Provides superior performance in rugged conditions thanks to its heavy-duty frame and wide wheelbase, which can support up to 800 pounds (363 kg).
  • Has an electronic differential lock to ensure solid traction on slick trails or steep inclines.

Polaris Ranger ATV Cons

  • Not as easy to ride as other models in its class
  • Pricey
  • Isn’t designed for passengers or hauling cargo or passengers in tow behind it

Kawasaki Mule vs Polaris Ranger

Both of these vehicles have dual-sport, off-road, and on-road capabilities and are very versatile in terms of what they can do for you. Let’s do a quick comparison of the two vehicles for different parameters to see the differences.

1. Power

The Kawasaki Mule is a compact, easy-to-handle, and rugged vehicle. It has a four-stroke engine that generates power of up to 47 horsepower. However, the Polaris Ranger has a higher power output of 53 hp at 4500 rpm.

2. Comfort

The Kawasaki Mule is the perfect machine for you if you’re trying to cross the country and stay comfortable. It is designed specifically with durable construction and easy-to-use controls.

The Polaris Ranger has a more rugged exterior which makes it better suited to tougher and harsher terrain while still being relatively easy to use at home or in your garage.

3. Pricing

Kawasaki Mules are usually one of the cheaper models in their class while Polaris Rangers tend to cost a bit more money upfront. So, if you’re just looking for something cheap, then go with the Kawasaki Mule as your choice. If you want something that can be used anywhere then go with the Polaris Ranger as your choice.

4. Usability

The Kawasaki Mule is often referred to as a workhorse and is famous for its durability. The Polaris Ranger, on the other hand, is considered an agile off-road vehicle.

5. Size

As the size is an important metric to keep into account, UTVs have become bigger and are able to transport people and hold more weight. The biggest factor with larger UTVs is how well they are able to tow extra payload at the back.

If you are looking for transport that can carry a maximum of four people, the Kawasaki Mule range is your go-to. On top of being 25 cm bigger in width and sturdier than ever, both models come with their own social media accounts to make it easier for customer service if anything goes wrong.

The Polaris Ranger sports smaller vehicles than the Pathfinder, but both range quite a bit inland. The Pathfinder has an Explorer model which is larger and more suited for exploring the outdoors or hiking to remote locations.

6. Capacity

The Polaris Ranger was created to be a large side-by-side vehicle that can accommodate four passengers. The ATV also has plenty of power and performance for those who want to take their hunting trips somewhere other than a field.

There are also plenty of features that are built into this machine such as reverse gear and five-inch suspension travel.

7. Suspension

The suspension system on the new Polaris vehicles is more effective, making for a smoother ride. Because of this, the vehicle will be less distracting and your peace and quiet can be enjoyed.

Kawasaki Mule in particular has a high-quality suspension system. This can reduce shock while increasing comfort and absorbency. The system is well-balanced so that it doesn’t feel too rigid

8. Warranty

In this area, the vehicle lines are pretty equal between these two companies. Both offer a year warranty on their products. You can be confident that you’re getting a product with a good manufacturer’s warranty.

Verdict: Kawasaki Mule vs Polaris Ranger – Which One of These is Right for You?

The two-up ATV, or mule, is a sport utility vehicle that has a seat in the front and one in the back – designed for hunting and ATVing.

So, which of these vehicles is right for you? The Polaris Ranger makes up its name with an impressive fuel economy that can last longer than other mules on the market, offering an all-day range as well as superior maneuverability on different terrain types.

Choosing between a Kawasaki Mule and a Polaris Ranger is one of the most confusing decisions that any hunter has to make. There are several factors to consider when deciding which one is the best for you, but in general, it all boils down to this – do you plan on using your ATV as your primary mode of transport or as a backup?

If you plan on using your ATV as a primary mode of transport, the Polaris Ranger is probably the best choice. It may be a bit more expensive than the Kawasaki Mule, but it has better storage space and comfort for riders. If you want something that is less expensive, offers decent storage space, and rides well, go with the Kawasaki Mule.