ATV Towing Capacity: A Guide about Different ATVs, their Manufacturers, and Factors behind the Towing Capacity

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ATVs are heavy-duty cargo for pulling out things to places we usually can’t reach by road. All ATVs have considerable capacity to tow. ATV towing capacity varies depending on road conditions. Ensuring you get a suitable machine is essential.

In most cases, how much an ATV can pull depends on its engine size, but there are other factors to consider too. Judging only by the engine size of the ATV can determine the towing capacity because many companies or brands are providing various engine sizes of ATVs with the same towing capacity.

Different Atvs and What They Can Tow

1. ATV (300cc)

ATVs in the range of 300cc have less power than other ranges but are effective for those riders who use the ATVs for lighter tasks. The riders may use these ATVs for casual recreational purposes or less powerful labor tasks. There are plenty of options in the 300cc range that can handle most of the hauling needs of the riders.

Some reputable manufacturers, like Honda, MSA, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc., produce 300cc ATVs. These manufacturers are successfully making powerful quads within the 300cc range. The sufficient fact is, though the quads in the 300cc range have low engine capacity, they can handle towing as much as 500 lbs. However, the results can vary depending on the manufacturers of the all-terrain vehicles and the model.

2. ATV (500cc)

We see the most common range of engine capacity of ATV currently is 500cc. The ATVs with 500cc capacity can tow the equipment and materials on muddy roads or rocky terrains. Additionally, they are perfectly capable of pulling a significant amount of weight. The amazing fact about using a 500cc ATV is these quads can bear almost 800-1000 lbs when needed. Therefore, they don’t help you to breeze through the lighter hauls but also handle the heavy-duty work.

Remember that all 500cc ATVs with the same engine capacity quads have different towing capacities. Therefore, an ATV engine’s power doesn’t necessarily reflect the speed or towing capacity. The model and manufacturer of ATVs are also crucial factors in determining the speed or towing capacity.

Try to choose a reputable ATV manufacturer that is always ready to offer the best models with quality engine performance, speed, power, and towing capacity. You can check out the towing capacity of different ATVs within the 500cc range as given below:

CFORCE 500cc

CFMOTO is a famous American company for ATVs to the quad riders who have been producing high-quality ATVs for many years. Among their ATVs, the CFORCE 500cc is a powerful quad bike they released as a new model.

This vehicle can handle rough terrains comfortably with its considerable towing capacity. CFORCE 500CC is a perfect well-rounded ATV model that can hold up to 870 lbs. People use it as good farming equipment or hunting gear.

Honda Foreman 500cc-520cc

Honda is a trendy ATV brand in India. This manufacturing company has been working to establish its brand for a long time by producing quality quads. The bikes are intense market competition due to their versatility and affordability.

Their manufactured quads are reputable for their fantastic performance and power. The riders or bikers of Honda Foreman 500cc-520cc can enjoy riding with this ATV model as it has a towing capacity of 850 lbs without overhauling.

Can-Am Outlander 450-570

Can-Am is another reputable ATV manufacturer that established plenty of high-quality ATVs for us and kept on working on standing with their quad riders. The outlander series of the Can-Am brand became so popular due to the varied range of ATVs production with great speed, power, and towing capacity.

Can-Am Outlander 450-570 is one of their finest ATV models that successfully achieved the riders’ satisfaction widely. The towing capacity of this variant can handle up to 1300 lbs, making it one of the most excellent ATVs of the brand.

3. ATV (1,000cc)

Many of you might look for the best engine capacity of 1000cc within an ATV, and here you can have this quad. The most powerful ATVs are within the range of 1000 cc engine capacity. Can-Am is the best manufacturer to get this ATV from. The riders and the manufacturers that are the strongest competitors in the market of ATVs, like Honda, Kawasaki, or Yamaha, highly appreciate the performance level of the Can-Am 1000R.

The best rival of this quad is Polaris RZR XP 1000, which is praised for its power, but its towing capacity is a maximum of 1500 lbs which is less than the Can-Am 1000R. These all-terrain vehicles are in high demand for their best towing capacity, engine power, and performance. The 1000cc quad bikes can handle any terrain you want them to deliver and satisfy your towing needs immediately.

Different Factors to Determine ATV Towing Capacity

1. Engine

You need to choose the kind of power you want in your vehicle according to the reason for your use. Depending on the type of rider you are, the purpose of using a car, and your budget, you need the amount of power in the vehicle’s engine. There are multiple options for ATVs to choose your desired one.

Suppose a rider likes to ride a speedy vehicle and craves oversized cargo that can handle heavy-duty with maximum towing capacity. In that case, a high-horsepower ATV is your go-to pick. On the other hand, a small displacement engine is suitable for riders who chase for an affordable one with the capacity to handle less heavy-duty tasks. 

2. The Load of Works

We all know that ATVs are those vehicles that perform heavy-duty work in industries for hauling different equipment and materials. The riders must choose an ATV that can carry heavy loads every day. Prioritize the towing and fuel capacity of the ATV you choose for heavy work.

3. Equipment

To meet all your ATV needs, make sure you choose the right optimal equipment. The features of the ATV, like the power steering and throttle control, can ensure comfortability during heavy-duty work for long days on the trail. You can find plenty of features and varied options from Can-Am to match your needs.

4. Advanced Technology

Anything with advanced technological features offers the best services. Likewise, ATVs with the latest technology can ensure maximum towing capacity. In addition, the advanced features on the ATVs models reduce the steering effort and enhance the rider’s comfort level.


Q: Does the size of the engine alone determine the towing capacity of ATVs?

The size of the engine matters significantly but only matters for towing capacity. The engine’s weight issues are more significant in determining the towing capacity than the ATV’s horsepower. Many brands are offering varied sizes of machines that have the same capacity to tow similarly.

Q: Which ATV has the maximum towing capacity so far?

The 2021 Can-Am Outlander is recorded as the highest towing capacity ATV model that spends many hours in heavy-duty hauling and towing jobs. This is the most suitable model to tow up to 1650 pounds with its potent payload and the most substantial towing capacity.

Q: Does the surface of the driving matter determine the towing capacity?

Yes, the surface you drive significantly influences how much weight you can tow up or down. For example, suppose an ATV can haul much more heavy weight on dry gravel than on muddy, rocky, or wet roads. A towing job’s surface filled with snow and ice is even more complicated. It would help if you used tire chains to haul the cargo safely on snow or ice.

Q: How much weight can an ATV handle safely on the downhills?

Only a few ATVs can handle too much heavy load down a steep hill. The bike’s brakes are powerful for short declines, but the wheel of ATVs might need more traction. When you need clarification about the weight capacity of the ATV, start with a few loads and, later, increase the load. You will find the limit when the wheels start slipping.

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Q: How can I utilize my ATV winch?

As a rider, you must understand how much weight your ATV can tow up or down a hill on your driving surface. To avoid losing transactions halfway, take small loads and increase gradually to understand the bike’s limit.

When reducing weight is impossible, use a winch to maintain the incline’s control. The winch will help you start sliding back down and stop before any trouble. In addition, the winch can pull you up the hill without creating any mess. So, use your winch to maintain control in declines or inclines.

Bottom Line

ATVs are powerful heavy-duty cargo that is used to pull heavy materials and equipment in a short time. Therefore, it is understandable that ATVs’ towing capacity can be different in terms of the model and engine type. Whereas some ATVs have a maximum limit of 500 lbs towing capacity, others can tow up to 1,700 lbs. Hopefully, this content has answered all the questions regarding ATV towing capacity correctly. The all-terrain vehicles are no longer used only for fun or the joy of riding. Instead, they are helpful in hunting, farming, landscaping, logging, and many different heavy works. Therefore, ATVs help industries considerably these days. So, try to select ATVs with a powerful engine and maximum towing capacity.

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