Best Waterproof ATV Speakers

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Good music makes driving fun and interesting. Listening to music while on the road provide an excellent feel. But this experience can be more enjoyable when your ATV has good-quality speakers. The best quality waterproof speaker is durable and has matchless sound quality. Choosing the right product is important to reap its benefits so you must keep reading to know more.

Best waterproof ATV speakers are water-resistance and provide excellent sound performance. In outdoor spaces, these ATV speakers deliver flawless sound quality as they are equipped with powerful acoustic drivers.

While riding on the ATV you can enjoy music soundtracks with full-range sound quality along with deep bass. The weatherproof construction makes it rain resistant. Here we have listed some of the best and innovatively designed ATV speakers so you can know their specialty. Check out our top picks if you are willing to buy waterproof speakers for your ATV.

5 Best Waterproof ATV Speakers

These are the 6 Best Waterproof ATV Speakers which you can install in your ATV.

1. Boss Audio ATV6B Waterproof ATV Speakers

Boss Audio ATV6B Waterproof ATV Speakers

Get crystal clear sound quality with Boss audio ATV 6B speaker. The Bluetooth audio streaming feature allows you to stream your favorite song directly from your smartphone. Weather-proof construction protects water and sunlight.

The dimension of this speaker is 26” x 9.5” x 7.5” and its weight is 12.5 lbs so it easily fits into an ATV cage. You can use a 12V power source for this speaker.  For connectivity with smartphones and other sources, there is a 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Installation is hassle-free so you can simply plug and play. Loud, crisp, and loud sound performance with enough volume makes it highly recommended. This is necessary to cut the loud engine noise from ATVs. Mid and high ranges on the ATV speakers are perfectly balanced. Lows have lots of depth; overall vocal music is crystal clear.

Rock and electronic dance music has good depth. No distortion occurs even at the highest volume so sound quality is consistent. Ups and downs of vehicle movement don’t make the sound distorted and you can stream music without any interruption.

Weatherproof durable construction makes the product resistant to water and other outdoor elements. The ultra-violet coating on the circuitry boards and plastic surfaces makes it sunlight and heat-resistant.  

This speaker is highly recommended as it comes with lots of features and supports wireless Bluetooth audio streaming directly from music sources which makes the operation convenient.


  • Rechargeable battery so you don’t require an external power source
  • Installation is easy
  • Latest waterproof design which makes it water-resistant
  • Built-in Class A/B amplifier for excellent amplified sound
  • UV coating makes it heat-resistant


  • Costly

2. BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Waketower System 

BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Waketower System

Enjoy the high-quality sound performance with BOSS MRWT40 speakers. These 2-way speakers feature marine-grade construction to ensure long-lasting performance. Each speaker has a 4” polypropylene cone along with a 1” silk tweeter for crisp audio reproduction.

It fits well in ATV cages because of the aluminum clamp which easily fits the bars from 1.5” to 2”. The dimensions are 7”x5”x7” and the weight is 5.9 lbs per pair. The Boss Audio MRWT40 speakers deliver high-quality audio and can withstand harsh weather conditions outdoors. When connected with a good amplifier, these speakers offer excellent sound quality and produce power of 400 watts per pair.

The maximum volume is enough to shake ATV but it delivers excellent sound without any distortion. With MRWT40 speakers the sound has plenty of depth with solid and full midranges and the bass output is above expectations. Electronic dance music and rock are smooth and punchy while vocal sounds are detailed and crisp. Get music blast without any harshness in outdoor spaces.

These speakers make driving fun as you can hear your favorite soundtracks and tunes without any issues. All the important components are coated and sealed for added protection. ATV speaker has an ultra-violet coating on the outer shell for protection from sunlight. The coating makes the speaker durable.

The speakers have compact dimensions so they fit easily on ATV cages. A dedicated amplifier with a 200 RMS power setting per channel is recommended and has a peak power of 400 watts.


  • The package comes with a pair of speakers
  • Weatherproofing materials make it durable
  • Ultra-violet coatings for added protection
  • Dimensions make it adequate for fitting on an ATV cage
  • Speakers look great


  • No instructions provided

3. NOAM NUTV4 ATV Speakers


You can experience quality music with NOAM NUTV4 Quad Speakers that are designed for high-end sound output. Customers love this ATV speaker because of its water-resistant property. These speakers are resistant to weather conditions like rain and harsh sunlight. This is an amazing speaker with high durability and connectivity.

This speaker is all in one package with Bluetooth remote control, amplifier, all accessories, and wire with 2 pairs of N4 speakers. The kit is ready to use so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while riding. Use a Bluetooth remote for controlling your phone function and it comes with a background light so you can easily use the remote in dark conditions.

These speakers can be mounted on any roll bar of 1.5”-2” size and the packaging includes mounting pads. Other features include four channels output, waterproof, watertight plugs, an LED power indicator, and an inline power switch.

The sound is full blast and crystal clear. These are amazing with rock but if you want more bass then they can be a bit disappointing. NOAM NUTV4 is recommended for those who want excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

The speakers can be powered easily and the sound quality is unbeatable. They make riding much more enjoyable. Overall, NOAM NUTV4 is one of the best waterproof ATV speakers and these are highly recommended.


  • Impressive design
  • A perfect speaker for outdoor
  • Convenient usage
  • Water-resistant device
  • A remote control makes it use easy


  • Lack bass

4. Pyle ATV Speakers

Pyle ATV Speakers

Pyle offers best-in-class and genuine products which make the brand stand for a long time. If you are looking for the best waterproof ATV speakers, the Pyle A90 Quad speakers are the ones worth buying. Additionally, it is reasonably priced and affordable. This speaker is true to the features such as two pairs of clamps that are chrome plated. These can be used to keep the speaker in place.

Handlebars are made of steel which adds to sturdiness and durability. The model ensures longevity and you need not worry about this feature. With these speakers, you can get the best sound as it comprises 1200 Watt amplifier to amplify the music. At maximum volume, it provides distortion-free sound.

You can listen to crystal-clear music on your ride. Loud, crisp, and loud sound performance with enough volume makes it highly recommended. Loud engine noise does not overpower the music output so you can enjoy the journey to the fullest.

The system is perfectly built so you can easily connect your phone and other music sources to play your favorite tunes. A stylish look makes this kit amazing. The look comes with lots of compliments and elegance.

Installation of this device is simple and you do not require any skill or special tool to mount the speaker. It is best to use in the rain and heat conditions because of the chrome coating that keeps it protected. The device is water and corrosion-resistant.


  • 1200 watts amplifier capacity
  • 6.15 pounds weight
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Simple to set up
  • MP3 player compatible


  • A volume control knob is not designed up to the mark

5. Bazooka 8” Waterproof ATV Speaker

Bazooka 8” Waterproof ATV Speaker

Bazooka waterproof ATV speakers are designed for excellent sound reproduction. These high-performance speakers have 450 watts of peak power. It comes with Bluetooth functionality and you can easily connect with a smartphone.

The open grille design minimizes mud and dust build-up and makes cleaning easy. 3.5mm aux inputs allow connecting with wireless music sources. RGB LED flashes several colors and adds fun to the ATV ride. This 8” speaker is highly recommended as it provides excellent sound. It delivers crisp sound at all volume levels without any distortion.

This 8” speaker easily installs to the ATV cage and it is much louder with a bright LED display. Vocal performances are well-defined with perfect stereo separation. Instrumental and classical music sounds crisp and sharp. Bass-heavy music genres work well with midrange and low depth. From the Bazooka speaker, you will not hear shrill or harsh noises while streaming from a smartphone.

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It operates well in rough terrain. These speakers easily drown out ATV engine noise without compromising on the music quality. Marine-grade construction can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is water-resistant and features a wireless remote control with an RGB LED system.


  • Impressive level of stereo clarity
  • Consistent Bluetooth streaming
  • Deliver great sound in outdoor areas
  • Easy to install
  • Chrome coated device


  • The bass should be better

Buying Guide for the Best waterproof ATV Speakers

There are a few important features to look for when buying waterproof ATV speakers.

1. Heavy Duty

ATV speakers should be durable as they need to work in harsh weather conditions like rain and excessive sunlight. Thus ATV speakers must be made from quality materials to withstand abuse.

Make sure to buy ATV speakers that mention the usage of marinized materials for the construction as it ensures that the device is made of waterproof material and corrosion resistant.

2. Sound Quality

Receiving the best version of sound is essential for fun while driving. Listening to favorite music makes the driving experience more enjoyable. ATV manufacturers understand the need for the hour and designed ATV speakers that meet all driving adventures.

Now there are varieties of ATV speakers in the market that offer superior sound quality. This makes it tough for buyers to select the one.

3. High Wattage

Clear and loud music is liked by all as it gives a pleasant experience to the ears. ATV speakers should overpower the noise generated by the engine. This is only possible when a device has a higher wattage.

An amplifier with higher wattage has more power. Having speakers with high wattage provide excellent sound quality at all volume levels.

4. User-friendly

Instructions in a long manual can be frustrating while setting up the device. This becomes more annoying when you need to attach parts to install the speakers. Thus, user-friendly speakers are necessary so they can be set up easily.

Moreover, the manuals should have straightforward instructions. Speakers should easily connect to ATVs for operation. Also, connecting the speakers to other music sources makes it convenient to use. It is better to choose compact speakers as they can fit easily.

5. Sound Impedance

Sound impedance is another quality that you must consider. This indicates the speaker’s resistance to incoming voltage. Powerful amps are paired with superior devices and offer an impedance of 4 ohms.


In recent times, the market is flooded with numerous brands which makes choosing the best very difficult. There are so many manufacturers like Boss, Pyle, Bazooka, etc. that are known for providing high-quality speakers with excellent audio.

From our list, we recommend Boss Audio ATV6B Waterproof ATV Speakers as they produce outstanding sound with solid midranges, punchy lows, and crisp highs that add flavor to the music.

These are easy to install on ATV cages. Pyle A90 Quad speakers have a unique design and are known for powerful sound. The Bluetooth connectivity makes streaming convenient. The Bass output of Pyle speakers hit hard with a punchy sound.