Best ATV Tire For Mud And Trail

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For a serious dirt trip and going through heavy, sticky mud, you are going to have much more success with ATV tires that are specifically designed for the dirt. The Best ATV Tire For Mud And Trail riding needs to provide amazing longevity with outstanding performance. When looking for grip, you really want to have the best mud tires ATVs you can get for your vehicle. Some of the less aggressive mud tires will allow you to drive well in the mud, and they are good for a few uses on other surfaces, too, such as soft trails or even snow. 

When thinking of an ATV’s mud tires that are best for sand, decide if the tires are wide enough, as well as being one of the lighter options, since you will want to have a lot of floating ability with sand, as well as lower air pressure. 

Generally speaking, mud tires for ATVs will have thicker lugs and aggressive tread patterns that really grip and tear up the deeper dirt. This tire falls in the aggressive end of the spectrum, with substantial, deep tread to tear through deep mud holes. One of the heavier tires in our roundup thanks to extra deep knobs along with the narrow tread pattern.    

ATV Tire For Mud

You can tell by the photos that there is much more tread area on this tire. This extra height on these tires is essential as it helps to lift the ATV and it is driven above the dirt. This is because the wider set-up and the specific angle allow the tires to push the ATV through the mud efficiently, as well as push dirt off of the treads as it goes. With these tires, your ATV will ride on just about any surface, with the exception of extremely deep mud.  

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It is important to look at this as the weight alone definitely plays an important part when it comes to deciding on what is the best ATV tire to use for the dirt. On the flip side, although super-heavy tires may offer many advantages over dirt tires, like height, width (especially the rear tires), deeper tread, and keeping your ATV planted to the ground harder, excess weight may present problems. Every quad is different in some way, and this means a mud tire that may be fine on your friend’s quad might not be the best mud tire on yours.   

If you are going to be taking your ATV over deep, sludgy dirt surfaces, you are better off going with mud tires. For example, if you be using your ATV for most of its time on trails, then you are better off considering a versatile tire that works exceptionally well on rocky, paved surfaces, as well as is capable of offering stability and grip in the mud.    

Whether you are using your ATV for competitions or for cross-country travel, you may opt for a better tire suited to your vehicle. Whether you are looking for tires for a work machine, knobbies for a sport-style four-wheeler, or trying to build an ultimate dirt-climbing or mud-climbing quad, you want tires designed to fit the needs of your vehicle and the terrain that you are riding on. Now, you can pick out the best mud-and-trail tires for ATVs, depending on your budget and your bike or truck’s needs.  

Different sizes of tires are available on the list so that you can select the right fit according to your budget and requirements. You should always choose the tires according to your ATV driving characteristics. When riding your ATV, having appropriate tires is a must. Increasing your speed and performance and fitting proper tires to your terrain increases your safety and stability.  

When choosing tires to travel through dirt and on trails, look for a high-quality cross-country tire that will provide stability, grip, and excellent performance across either surface. Tires that have one-inch tread or less may work well in the mud but are also far more similar to your typical trail tires, which are excellent on a broad range of surfaces.

A deeper tread is ideal for sticky, thick mud, and it really helps to give a tire the firm capability of pushing the ATV forward effectively. If you have ever watched serious mud-bogging, you will notice most of the best ATV drivers are using thinner tires that will help to slice into the underneath grip.   

4 Best ATV Tire For Mud And Trail

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1. ITP Mud Lite XL – Best All-Around

The ITP Mud Lite XLs radial design provides a more consistent ride, and its 1-1/8″ aggressive tread provides that bit of bite that you want. The Mud Lite II is a knobby, aggressively tired cross-country tire that works well in both soft terrain and dirt. When you are ready to get into some dirt on an ATV or UTV, ITPs Mud Lite XL is going to be one of your best options.

With this tire, you are getting an almost unparalleled blend of all of the traits that you will need to get through the mud with maximum authority. The aggressive tread is designed specifically to handle loose terrain, and its depth of 1-⅛- inch will never cease in finding grip.

What is even better is with the unique design, lighter overall weight, and generous center-tread contact patch, Mud Lite XL still gives you that supple, radial-like ride while losing none of that off-road attitude. So, if you are ready for everything you could possibly want from your tires, put a set of ITP Mud Lite XL tires on your bike and prepare for the surprise.

ITP Mud Lite XL UTV tires are available in 25, 26, 27, and 28-inch sizes on 12-inch and 14-inch rims. All the XL tires are a 1-⅛-inch tread depth with 6-ply ratings. Unique central tread contact patch provides smooth, radial-like handling. The load rating on the Mud Lite XLs is 455 pounds on the low end (25×12-11) and 1200 pounds for the 28×12-14inch tires.

2. Sedona Mud Rebel – Most Affordable

Another all-terrain tire with aggressive tread, The Sedona Mud Rebel has a Directional tread pattern with a durable, six-ply casing. Due to its aggressive tread, the Sedona Rip Saw is not a great choice if you ride on the pavement often, but on the trails, it is a solid performer and is among the best all-terrain ATV tires for dirt and mud.

With its 6-ply rating against punctures and excellent wearability, The Sedona Mud Rebels allows you to ride your quad across nearly any terrain type and challenging conditions with no fears of punctures. They feature aggressive ¾-inch deep tread making them ideal for your trail needs at a bargain price. Mud Rebels offer strong sidewalls for additional traction and protection from punctures.

The tires are directional and help you cut through almost any trail. The load rating on the low end is 275 pounds for the small 22×8-10-inch tires. However, on the high end, the 27×12-14-inch tires have a load rating of 550 pounds. Those are also the largest and smallest tire sizes available.       

3. ITP Blackwater Evolution Tires – Highest Quality

The original ITP Blackwater tires achieved legendary status as the go-to tire for dirt use on Performance ATVs and also on Utility machines. The ITP Blackwater was named for the famous dirt-cross ATV races held a couple of decades back in West Virginia. ITP Blackwater tires come in three sizes, so you will need a quad with 12, 14, 15, or 18-inch wheels.

Blackwater has been making ATV tires in the U.S. since 1989. After 30 years of offering popular ATV tires, they released the Evolution tires. They have extra-durable 8-ply construction to give you lasting wear on your tires. Their “Tough Tread” is designed to give you many miles of pleasure or work; whatever you’re into. They are non-directional and give you a massive grip going forward or backward.

Going backward can be useful if you were using your ATV as a recovery vehicle. The Blackwater evolutions are designed to be used on not only ATVs but also on UTVs (side by side). The side walls are made with a patented “Sidewall Armor” that gives them superior puncture protection and durability. The tread depth is one inch. Tires range in size from 25-30 inches in diameter. The load rating is the highest on the list by far at 1100 pounds on the low end and 1870 pounds on the 34×10-18-inch tires at the top of the range. 

4. SuperATV’s Terminator Tires – Best Aggressive Mud Tire

If you want a super aggressive, high-quality mud tire, look no further than the Terminator ATV/UTV tires by SuperATVs. These tires are designed to go through mud, but you can take them down any trail. You can be more confident going through that huge puddle of mud with these than any other tires on this list.

However, that means you certainly do not want to run Terminators on pavement or solid terrain, or you are going to lose that strong, two-inch tread very quickly. They have a 6-ply construction. Tires have a built-in rim guard to protect your wheel from getting scuffed. A center-lug pattern makes them more stable and tracks easily down the trail.

The angled tread directs mud away from the rider for a cleaner, enjoyable ride. Terminator ATV tires come in sizes between 26.5 and 34-inches. So there are plenty of options to choose from. The load-bearing capacity is 585 pounds at 7 psi. The best part is they have a 2-inch deep tread.


Whether you are tearing through the mud just for fun or just trying to get around your rural property 365 days a year surely there is an ATV tire on this list for you. Most of the time you can get where you need to go with a 6-ply construction, but for those who want a little more puncture protection 8-ply or even some 10-ply construction tires are available.

A lightweight tire inflated to 7 psi is best for going through mud or sand. The more aggressive the tread the easier it’s going to be to get through a mud hole, but aggressive tread is going to wear off faster than a more conservative tread, especially if you ever take your ATV on the pavement. No matter what ATV tires you decide to buy for your machine, ride responsibly.