Bikes of the Week Edition 2

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This week’s bikes of the week includes a fat tire monster truck like Honda XR650L and Honda Grom customized to rip in the dirt and off road.

WanderGrom Off Road

The Grom is probably one of the last bikes you’d pick for turning into an off-road beast, but that’s just part of the fun. Ross Perkins originally wanted to get a Monkey 125, but the out the door price of $4,500 was just too much, especially since he wanted to put another 1k into customization.

After a brief test ride of the Grom, Ross was hooked. The Grom was intentionally modified to look like a full size dirt bike, but perform equally well on and off road. “With how light and agile the Grom is, it provides a hilariously exhilarating experience once you take it off road!” Ross says.

The mods start with the aggressive Kenda K784 Big Block Tires, T-Rex Skid plate, and crash bars. The Kenda tires before equally while on and offroad allowing the Grom to be transformed into a dual sport. The high rise handlebars paired with the hand guards give this 125cc adventure bike a mean look.

As far as performance parts go, the bike has a DHM ECU reflash, a 14T front sprocket, and a universal slip on exhaust. The suspension is stock, but Ross has been considering adding an Ohlins rear shock and fork cartridge damper.

While the Grom isn’t the best weapon for serious off road trails, it might just be the most fun. At only 229lbs the bike is light weight, and it gets 134mpg meaning you can go long distances between fill ups. The biggest drawback is the 12inch wheels, “This means that tackling obstacles, such as deep ruts and fallen trees, require a little more attention and finesse to conquer. You can’t just pin it like on dirt bikes with much larger wheels.”

Classified Moto’s BW650

Classified Moto rarely builds bike just to make a statement, but the BW650 was specifically intended to infuriate armchair builders and haters alike. The bike is 100% street legal and functional.

The secondary goal was to make the bike handle predictably and safely. This build wasn’t intended to be a showpiece but rather a proof of concept. Classified Moto has taken this bike from the Pismo Beach sand dunes, dirt trails, curb hopping in the cities, to drafting semis at freeway speeds.

The BW650 is based off of the Honda XR650L and the build is inspired by the Yamaha BW200. The idea was to create a full size BW200, and it worked!

The massive front tire is sourced from a Honda ATC250R, and the rear was donated from a BW200. The front end is from a Yamaha WR250R, and the perfectly sized gas tank is from a CM185T.

Most of Classified Moto’s builds have a lower stance, but the BW650 retains the XR650L’s travel unlocking tons of potential off-roading opportunities.

Classified Moto is accepting build inquiries, and builds start at $40,000.So if you ever wanted to own the monster truck of motorcycles, now is your chance!

Build Sheet:

DONOR: 1996 Honda XR650L

FRONT END: 2014 Yamaha WR250R

TRIPLE TREE: CM custom billet upper and lower



SWING ARM: 2006 Triumph Sprint ST

REAR WHEEL: Yamaha BW200

REAR SHOCKProgressive Suspension 465

TIRES: STI Black Diamond (DOT radial)

TANK: Modified Honda CM185T

MOTOR: Honda XR650L

EXHAUST: Full CM custom stainless

INTAKE: CM custom stainless

GAUGE: Acewell Digital

SEAT: Custom upholstered waxed canvas and leather

BATTERYShorai Lithium Ion